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"What happens when you cross improv comedy, interactive theater, and a bookworm's dream? The Secret Library."
           -"O" The Oprah Magazine

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The Secret Library is a digital performance combining live actors with escape-room like elements. This experience ventures beyond the common videoconferencing experience to include an integrated 2D "stage" to encourage immersion. Search for clues, question characters with suspicious intentions, and work collaboratively as you uncover the mysteries surrounding this ethereal realm of knowledge. No story is complete without YOU!


Puzzle Theatre

In times of trouble, a mysterious Librarian grants access to a vault containing all human knowledge. That time is now, but can we unlock the door?



Puzzle Theatre

The hunt is on for the elusive Bigfoot. Surely, The Secret Library holds the truth of the mythical beast but only those with a sense of adventure will find it!


Murder Mystery

An office happy hour at the bar takes a turn when it's shuttled back into the Prohibition era, where the gin flows and gangsters solve their problems with deadly force.


Escape Room

The Lost City of Atlantis is protected by the power of the gods. Help retrieve a lost historian whose expedition took an unexpected turn when the gods stepped in.

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fear the yokai
Escape Room

Follow the siren song of a fabled Japanese monster, a Yokai, to find the lost villagers, but don't get trapped when the demon turns on you!

Decorative Ornaments



Here comes krampus claus
Puzzle Theatre

Santas from around the globe have gone missing in the Secret Library! They must be returned or Christmas will be ruined!

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Frequently asked questions

What hardware and software do I need?

This is a unique livestream production unlike any you've experienced before. A browser on a desktop/laptop computer is required. Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are supported, but we highly recommend Google Chrome for enhanced stability.

Can multiple people play on the same screen?

Each event is priced per screen, meaning you can invite the entire family or team to play around the same device. Multiple tickets will need to be purchased for multiple screens/logins.

What time zone is this in?

All show times are displayed in Eastern Standard Time (EST New York).

How early should I arrive?

The event will open 5 minutes prior to the scheduled event time. Please arrive early to familiarize yourself with the new software.

How do I redeem a coupon voucher?

Upon checkout, there is a button to add a coupon coupon/voucher code. Most discount codes are applicable for all events. Please note: Groupon voucher codes are only applicable for the Secret Library Origins game as described in the Groupon details.

How do I access my event?

You will receive an email with a link to access the event and preparation instructions. When entering the event, you will be prompted to register with an email address. This email address will not be used for spam but is required by the software to gain entry.

I can't get into the event! Who do I contact?!

The fastest way to reach someone at showtime would be to message us on Facebook. You may also email us at dewey@secretlibrary.io or leave a voicemail at 201-308-3097. Please let us know exactly what is not working: "safe list" issue, firewall issue, no link for event

What is the recommended age for the experiences?

The Secret Library is generally acceptable for all ages (with the exception of the adult themes used in Speakeasy which is a murder mystery set in a bar). Since this is a live performance, the content can be curated on the fly to adjust for sensitive ears. Age recommendations for each experience are encouraged based on complexity of the game and puzzles.

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